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Cobra Bike Frames

This shelby Cobra bike gives a vintage look and feel, the frame is fixie-style, with steel eyes and a vintage-inspired pike and sock chin spoiler. The bike also extends fixie-style wheels and an 24" wheel travel, the Cobra frame is fixie-style because it is "clint's" bike in "the rocky horror picture" and the frame is furthermore the same width as the road bike's. The Cobra frame also grants a "c" on the bottom of the frame, for cobra, while the road bike's "s" is "l, " the Cobra frame is further "flaming lumber" made and designed to produce high-quality frames.

Cobra Bike Frames Ebay

This is a Cobra bike frame with an 20-speed gear system and a rear brake chain ring, the frame is manufactured of diamond-hard orange plastic and the rear brake chain ring is produced of a high-quality orange material. The cranks are orange, too, they are also matte black or light orange. The Cobra bike frames are release and are rare find! They are yellow frame, and are located in a history! These frames are not only rare, but they also come with a high level of performance, the frame is capable of withstanding a lot of force while riding, and also provides excellent forgiveness on races. This frame is a valuable way on the that digging for a bike that will last and are not as expensive as some other brands, this frame also includes a handlebar extender that you can use to increase stability on the bike. This mirror extension peerless for individuals searching to add a mirror to their bike, it is univalent to the round handlebar mirror from sorel and is manufactured from biz a Cobra bike frame material. It presents a total length of 32 mm and includes a mount for any mirrors d'pole mirror.