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Specialized Bike Frame

If you're looking for a new, sports-specific bike frameface, then this is the one for you! The specialized frame is stiff and sturdy, making it ideal for speed and fitness rides, and the 45-degree bbk fork is great for power and stability. Via: specialized.

Specialized Roval Alpinist Seapost

Closeout Bike Frames

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Specialized Bike Frames

Our specialized frameset for the crux are made out of s-work's own "s-main" frameset. This gives you a very performance-oriented bike, while also being very comfortable and efficient. The frameset is isigma-approved and features a number of s-series ingredients, making it the best of the best. looking for a road bike frame that is both performance-centric and affordable? look no further than the specialized stumpjumper fsr expert carbon 6fattie29 medlarge. This frame is made for the modern cyclists who need the best performance without breaking the bank. With an experienced full-carbon frame and a 29" wheel, this frame is perfect for the light-weight cyclists or the power cyclists who need the best performance at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the 6fattie29 medlarge size is perfect for on-the-go cyclists who need the biggest and best performance. the limited edition singh-harris specialized frame size is for sprint cyclists who want to enjoy their racedistance quickly and easily. This is done by having a black-triplet skull and cross-issuing from the black frame material. The frame is complete with frame, fork, handlebars, andagrailt. This is a great frame for those who want to abuse their races or make them feel shorter. who makes specialized bike frames? specialized frame companies are those that create specialized frames (for a particular bike type or purpose) for a particular product or line of products. Most specialized frame companies are located in spain, but the number of those located in specific locations grows annually. Most of these companies are located in the specialized line of companies, whicheduld provide a wide range of specialized bike frames for a variety of cyclists.